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The Super Spars Difference

Putting the sailor at the centre of their sailing performance

Matching the following:

Sailor Weight and Size

Sailor Ability


Sailing Location/Water Type

Wind Conditions

It is vital to get the very best out of your rig. Sailors often need help to pick their way through the minefield of different mast combinations. Sailors are often left to grasping the nettle only to learn that there is a more suitable solution later.

At Super Spars we believe sailors should be at the centre of the decision process, treated as an individual and matched to a winning package of mast and sail, starting with the rig design. There is currently a tendency for the sailor to be shoehorned into a solution that will not meet his/her expectations.

It is little wonder that so many of ‘traditional’ racing classes have struggled in the face of offerings from the Single Manufacturer One Designs. How much simpler to just have no choice at all and just sail with the gear provided, even if this too is not right.

Clearly, ‘One size does not fit all!

That has to be why the ‘traditional classes’ are still seen as the natural home of innovation and development in the dinghy sailing world. Classes such as the Merlin Rocket and International 14 have maintained their perception that they are at the leading edge, but it should not be forgotten that stalwarts such as the Flying Fifteen, Enterprise and GP14 have still evolved a range of developments in sail and mast technology that hasn’t currently been fully exploited.

Sailing Consistency Results From:

Real consistency between each mast tube

Tight tolerances and attention to detail

Tight quality control throughout the process

Long lasting consistent bend characteristics

Faster spring recovery rate

Lasting material memory giving longer lasting retained straightness

Multiple choice of Sailor/Dinghy Class to mast section offering

Spar specification optimised to suit sailor/ crew

More gust responsiveness = less time in the water

Better Boat Speed

Lighter stiffer tube

Lighter tip weight

Lower centre of gravity

More sailing hours

Speed and accurate Manufacturing capability

Capacity and capability to offer our customers a customised service


Quick and nimble quote to delivery process

Attention to detail specification prior to production

Short lead times

Just-in-time manufacturing processes

Responsive to planned and unplanned events

Fast and friendly service

High Quality

Quality controlled through each manufacturing step

Process control through regular checks

Highly skilled manufacturing staff

Flexible processes focussed on the customer's time-scales

One-off manufacturing capability

Manufactured at an affordable price


Manufacturing to office space ratio focusses on production

Focus on speed; short lead time and manufacturing accuracy

Attention to detail enables value for money

The right specification and quality at the right price

Fast and Friendly Service

Specification attention to detail

Highly skilled manufacturing experts with over 70 years of spar manufacturing experience

Ability to discuss spar technology and sailing requirements into your specification

Staff and administration easy to work with

Championship Winning Spars

Over 357 National, European and World Championships won using Super Spars.

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