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International 2.4mR

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International 2.4mR

Originally developed as the ideal method for trialling new designs for the America's Cup 12 metre boats, the 2.4mR proved that it had the potential to offer exciting single handed sailing in its own right as well as fulfil a crucial role in the complex process of designing the optimum 12m hull design using the metre rule.

The original metre boat formula has remained unchanged for almost a century and during that time has been the principle behind highly revered classes such as the 5.5 and 6 metre boats right through to the 12 metre and the exotic 32 metre boats. These classes are well known all over the world for offering close and exciting racing. Over the years each class has been able to successfully combine new design concepts within the tight formula rule whilst retaining a level playing field for the boats of all ages to compete on equal terms.

The Scandinavian sailors in Finland, Sweden and Norway were the first to take advantage of the 2.4metre rule and over the years good size fleets have been established in all three of these countries and have attracted and still attract sailors of the highest ability including ex world champions in many of the other recognised classes including Finn and OK dinghy classes.

Within the boat is a ballasted keel which provides a complete righting moment and will not allow the boat to capsize or to broach. However there is the provision in the rules to insist on closed cell buoyancy which is subject to annual test. The boats can take on water in extreme circumstances but each boat must have a manual pump on board and most racing 2.4s have an additional electric pump as well.

The International 2.4 metre boat has a pedigree equal to any racing yacht and the traditional Bermudian rig with active backstay adjustment allows complete tuning and adjustment both on and off the water from a sail maker’s perspective directly under the boom. The additional factor is that strength is not a factor in sailing these boats and can therefore appeal to sailors of all ages and physical abilities - tactical and tuning knowledge is what provides a winning boat.

Racing takes place on windward - leeward courses which are the points of sailing that the boat performs to its maximum ability and allows the sailor to demonstrate their tactical and strategic skills.

The 2.4mR class offers a full annual calendar at both national and international level with opportunities to participate in regattas across Europe and the USA. Each year the 2.4mR World Championships is hosted by a different country, this year the event will be held in Norway, famous for exceptional sailing water, stunning scenery and outstanding facilities. In recent years The USA and Holland have hosted the World championships and it is hoped that one day the UK can follow suit in welcoming sailors of all nationalities to our outstanding water.

In 2010, the World Championship line up totalled 100 boats from more than 10 countries spanning 3 continents.

The 2.4mR has its roots in the world of innovation and excellence in hull design and from early in its conception it was realised that the boat could offer the unique opportunity for sailors of all disabilities to race as equals by simply adapting the method of steering. Sailors can choose between hand and foot steering to minimize the individual’s disability. The Paralympics movement saw the potential of the 2.4mR and nominated the class as its singlehanded boat of choice for all the Paralympics events from Sydney in 2000, Athens in 2004, Beijing in 2008 and now for Weymouth in 2012. The class has also been chosen for the Games in 2016 in Brazil.

The class prides itself on the inclusion of all abilities and disabilities, most of which disappear on the water, and the mix of disability and able bodied sailors means that off the water there are always able hands to ensure full participation and enjoyment by the disabled sailors to the racing scene

On the UK sailing scene the class is small but active and boats are to found at several sailing venues across the country from West Kirby in the North of England, through Rutland, Grafham Water, to Frensham Ponds in Surrey to Poole and Weymouth in the South. During the summer sailing season there is roughly an open meeting a month to satisfy all those with the willingness to travel and it is this which keeps our class active. The class also has an active committee, able and willing to arrange test sails and to give advice on boat selection and all aspects of sailing one of these racing

Based on the racing record M9 is the undisputed dominant and top choice of 2.4mR spar:

20 Paralympics, World, National and European Championship wins since 2000

2012 Paralympics - Gold,Silver, Bronze medals

The fully adjustable rig enables the mast to be easily tilted forward for optimal downwind speed whilst the backstay enables the rig to be depowered upwind.

Our superior mast tubes provide superb gust response with fast reaction return to mast and sail shape which keeps you sailing at maximum speed. If you want to find out more about the real difference, go to about us, Aluminium Technology.

The rig is designed to be very specific to match the boat layout and sail design with control lines fitted for ease of reach within the boat making the physical demand on the sailor as low as possible allowing the sailor to concentrate on wind changes and tactics.

M9 for heavier crews

MHA for lighter crews

M9 aluminium section

BHD aluminium section

Mast optional extras

Customised mast building to customer specification
New spreader angle adjuster system
Main halyard halyard lock
Main halyard for halyard lock system (rope spliced to the wire)
Ball bearing jib box and heel plug sheaves
Performance rigging
Ultra low stretch shrouds
Draw lines for unrigged masts

Boom Optional extras

ustomised boom building to customer specification
Dyneema outhaul
BHD boom with lightening holes
Tapered clew end

"“Its been an amazing summer and to win Gold at a home Games, will always be the highlight of my sailing career. I could not have achieved it without the support, from my team and Super Spars, who over the last year have gone the extra mile for me, to ensure I had the best possible spars. A massive thank you to all the team at Super Spars and I look forward to working with you over the next four years for Rio." - Helena Lucas (Paralympic Gold Medallist 2012)